Compliance Educational Systems (CES) is a software total management system that enables a school district to demonstrate compliance with No Child Left Behind and Response to Intervention requirements.  CES accomplishes this by providing solutions to three goals every district needs to meet:

1. Minimize the costs of special education by avoiding the expense litigation while developing strong relationships with parents,

2. Demonstrate the efficacy of education programming for each student based on data driven methods as they are applied in each student's program, and

3. Demonstrate the outcome of educational programs for each student and share best practice outcomes with other professionals

These goals lead to the creation of a total management system for special education called Compliance Educational Systems (CES). The purpose of CES is to reduce paperwork, increase efficiency, help staff self-correct during the entire process, and assist in all aspects of documentation; thereby providing the opportunity to service the children and families placed in our care.

Key Benefits:

• Cost effective, and efficient, providing a one year return on investment
• Provides ability for districts to meet NCLB requirements