Who is CES?

Our Mission:

Compliance Educational Systems (CES) is a private corporation dedicated to enabling schools districts to meet the requirements of federal law (NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND) and state mandates in order to provide superior education to all children.

What We Believe:

With a superior quality, comprehensive, automated educational system, all districts can effectively provide for the needs of every child. CESĀ  provides the means for all education professionals to be able to demonstrate the efficacy of their programs, for each individual student. CES is dedicated to the provision of state of the art technological services with a research/data orientation.

Our Solution:

The creation of a total management system that enables all educators and researchers to demonstrate the efficacy of their education programs, student by student, for all identified populations, including Special Education, 504, At Risk, English as a Second Language, Gifted and Talented, and Early Childhood.