A Total Management System for Special Education

Monitor Performance of special education students

Assess Effectiveness of special education programs

Determine What Works and what doesn’t in special education

Reduce Costs for administrative and professional services

Capture Reimbursable Fees for billable Medicaid services provided

Document Compliance Issues for state and federal requirements

Assure “No Child Is Left Behind”

A Total Workflow System for Special Education

CES streamlines workflow for special education and enables districts to write Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) aligned to current State standards.  Using CES, Districts develop meaningful lesson plans for all students to reinforce the IEPs.  And, CES enables districts to monitor student progress relative to the individualized lesson plans.

CES is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand software application that eases the workflow of special education administration.  CES . . .

·   follows the entire special education process from initial concern to classification decision point and through finalization of an IEP, as needed

·   provides an intuitive and efficient user interface designed to ease the process of meeting State recordkeeping requirements and monitoring compliance

·   enables automatic document management from preparation of initial parent notification through printing a complete IEP that requires only signatures for completion

·   generates district customized and branded letters at each step of the special education process

A Total System for Special Education

CES is proven to provide real savings of human and financial resources.  Deployed for remote Internet access, within your local or wide area network, or on a stand-alone platform, CES is configurable, customizable and fully supported by the CES team.

A Total System for Special Education with Advanced Design

CES was designed to be used as an expert system offering a complete management solution for special education:

CES is able to replicate already existing district reports, so those users do not have to learn how to use a re-invented wheel.

Because of the dynamic way that CES is constructed, you are instantly reminded of all the various regulatory timelines, events and procedures involved in writing the IEP, as you progress screen by screen.  This dramatically reduces the opportunities for errors of omissions.  It also serves as a built in tutorial for those staff members who may need additional guidance from time to time regarding state regulations and policies and procedures.

CES has an automated calendar and diary system which instantly notifies all personnel of upcoming meetings, creates a daily schedule for each employee, and generates an activity log of reminders for things to do, for each case manager and teacher. 

CES creates and produces at appropriate times, all necessary letters for parents and others, produces a file copy, and creates all necessary anecdotal records electronically. 

CES tracks all evaluation and assessment timelines by clinician and monitors all IEPs In-progress, including parental signature, service provider assignments and actual service delivery, case-manager caseload lists, open and unassigned cases and related service lists.  All this is done in real-time, automatically enabling efficient staffing.

CES supports optimization of Medicaid reimbursement funds through an automated service provider tracking and report system.

CES can also record interventions and monitor progress of At-risk populations, including 504, ESL, infant and toddler programs.

CES provides the means to write and monitor electronically Behavior Intervention Plans, Transition Plans, Transfer of Rights, and Discipline issues.

CES is easy to use because it is designed to take you step by step through the classification process and then the implementation phase of special education service.

Because it is data-driven, the IEP becomes a living document, not a forced paperwork task.  This unique aspect of CES uses the IEP process to enable the district to work to the maximum benefit of every studentThus, CES enables you to demonstrate the efficacy of your special education programs, at the click of button.

A Total System for Special Education with Unique Features

CES is used in school districts across the State of New Jersey representing a kaleidoscope of varying requirements, desires, issues, and concerns among a diversified group of users.

Unique issues emerge from district to district, and school to school that require a system sensitive to different curriculum, textbooks, and instructional intensity. CES accommodates individual teacher preferences for objectives.  CES also enables grouping of strands of objectives to match curriculum demands, and monitoring of partially completed objectives and benchmarks.

CES enables the teacher to create lesson plans that include objectives from the IEP automatically!  The CES system provides the means to measure mastery of those objectives, analyze the interventions delivered in the classroom, and create progress reports for each individual student, subject by subject.

The focus of this system is total management, and that means providing management assistance to teachers and clinicians. CES was created to support the professional user of the system by providing the means to demonstrate the efficacy of special education programming in the district classroom.  This is power of the CES management system.

CES uses the established administrative database, creating a programmatic linkup for continuous data updates.  This demographic information is automatically available to users, to enable accurate school-level staffing decisions and specific support for regional and school based users.

Logon and password authority determines access, with information access controlled by different security levels based on areas of need, from read only, to  editing those students assigned, to full authorization.

CES enables auditing for compliance management by providing the district not only information about which files are out of compliance due to timeline violations, but also warns management and the individual professional of cases that will go out of compliance unless specific items are attended to.

CES generates all letters, written notice, behavior plan and transition plan outlines, creates the individual evaluation plans, writes a comprehensive team eligibility reports and automated IEP.  CES tracks every step of the process through initial evaluations, annuals, re-evaluations, and declassification.

CES tracks students entering, leaving and returning to the district.

CES has a non-public costing and payment feature available as an added value feature of the system, which generates required reports for billing and funding.