IEP Writer

As the foundation of the entire management, system CES IEP writer is unique in four ways: format, data recording, use of district curriculum, and test modifications per student. First; The IEP writer system provides the ability to instantly record present level of performance for each student. This system provides an automatic means of generating information about a student via drop down windows. These drop-down windows can be updated at any time you decide to update options. You can also free form enter information into the system to clarify any student information. And, this system is completely compatible with WORD and that enables you to move the IEP into WORD, enabling you to develop a completely personalized IEP for each student, that can be transmitted through internet e-mail or PC. Second; CES records all grades, standardized test results, previous gains, evaluation results and parental concerns, and automatically records this information into the IEP, providing a complete recording of student progress on standardized tests. Third; The IEP integrates your district curriculum to assure that each special education student is working towards achievement of the regular education curriculum in your district. CES does this by taking your district curriculum and ties it to your state standards. Then CES uses this curriculum in the system for you to select the goals and objectives as they actually occur in a classroom. You can be confident that the objectives in the IEP are actually taught in the classroom, because they are your curriculum. Fourth; The CES system records all the interventions and recommendations for standardized testing and provides a complete list of every student who needs test modifications and/or accommodations by grade, by teacher, by class, by needed accommodation. How much easier can it be?