Initial, Annual, and Re-evaluation Processes

There are six unique features, which enable CES to guide you through the entire IEP process. First; the CES system takes you from the point of an initial referral for each particular student and documents in anecdotal records all the transactions and processes that occur for each student. Second; CES provides an automatic system for timely notification, contains a Determination for Evaluation Form, an Evaluation Plan, a Comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation Report, and initial IEP for Special Education and Related Services. Second; An automated notification process lets each case manager know if he/she is out of compliance for any timeline, and it warns the case manger five days before any case goes out of compliance for any timeline or procedural safeguard issue. Third; all letters, diaries entries, scheduled meetings and participants, parental concerns, student progress measures, evaluation results, and determinations of eligibility are automatically recorded and entered into a system that begins to track all processes and student progress. Fourth; by providing special education evaluations and IEPs for all student, the CES program is able to develop of list of works in progress, reflecting for each case manager exactly where in the process of referral and evaluation every student assigned to them is. CES lets each case manager know exactly when and where a case will go out of compliance. This extraordinary feature enables every case manager to stay on top of the work process assigned. Fifth; CES automatically creates the ability to develop and/or record class lists, report cards, state and district test results, teacher concerns, and parent concerns in an on-going process. Sixth; CES provides a complete list of all Initial, Annual and Re-evaluation IEPs and lets you, as administrator, exactly where in the process each case is, by case-manager, by teacher, by grade. You have instant information at your finger tips to help you make informed judgments and decisions.