Lesson Plans - Monitoring Benchmarks and Objectives

No Child Left Behind standards are easily meet with the CES LESSON PLANNER , which allows teachers to effectively monitor student progress and provides easy accountability measures.

The next step in demonstrating the efficacy of your special education programs is to tie your lesson plans directly to the objectives and benchmarks in each student’s IEP, and monitor each student’s progress on a daily basis. And, that is exactly what CES does. Through a simple yet efficient means, CES provides each teacher with the ability to write a lesson plan for the entire class that is also tailored to meet the demands of the IEP objectives and benchmarks for each student.

CES ties the classroom lesson to the IEP through the objectives and associated benchmarks for each identified student. The teacher now has the advantage of recording student progress as each objective is introduced, reviewed, or tested, and this provides a means of creating accountability.
By doing this systematically, monitoring student progress is not jus captured automatically, but is monitored across lessons, subjects and time.  The CES system ties the bench marks to state core standards and frameworks, so that a moments notice a report can be generated to indicate exactly what level of progress has been made by a particular student towards achieving state requirements.

Key Benefits

• Provides ability to meet accountability requirements of NCLB
• Supports the IEP in inclusive settings
• Creates IEP progress reports automatically