Monitoring of Interventions and Modifications

CES makes the interventions written into the IEP for each student available to the teacher subject-by-subject, student-by-student, each day, in the classroom.  Each student's program modifications and accommodations are captured and recorded into a system which provides access to the classroom teacher(s). Through a unique matrix system CES allows the teacher to record the interventions implemented that day, with an indication of the effectiveness of that intervention. This enables them to document the implementation of the selected modifications and accommodations as they occur in the classroom, subject by subject, student by student.  This ability to measure the effectiveness of the interventions implemented allows the district to demonstrate the compliance with No Child Left Behind requirements.  

This information is automatically compiled into a statistical report that is available for comparison with objectives and benchmarks achieved, standardized test scores, report cards, automated anecdotal records, and other supporting data; virtually enabling a comprehensive composite of the student's performance over time. Everything completely documented, every time you need it.