A Total System for Special Education with Superior Reporting Features

CES compiles the information necessary for State and Federal reports and can create most any combination of reports and lists that you may want to query.  These data can then be sent to school districts, principals, case managers; Letters can be mailed to parents and students.

The CES system provides numerous opportunities for parental input throughout the entire process, and encourages true team building.  Parent concerns are captured through the documentation of an initial inventory, direct queries, and student progress and outcome measures as recorded in the anecdotal records.

CES tracks alternative placements, non-public placements, costs, and billings, pre-school, and private schools.

CES reduces administrative and executive time checking by completing class lists, teacher assignment lists, student schedules, related service lists, by therapist, by school, by grade, by teacher or any other combination of variables.

CES has a non-public costing and payment feature which generates required reports for billing and funding.

CES automatically creates “In-progress” lists for Initial Evaluations, Annuals and Re-evaluations procedures.  This automated system records diaries, letter sent, meetings scheduled, statistical reports, and formal written notice.

Information from the demographic files can automatically roll over into the student and family files. Wherever possible, redundancy has been eliminated.  In order to assure compliance all required fields and processes are noted,  the user is coached throughout the process to accurately complete the documentation.

Automated Portfolios  CES enables a true portfolio system of reviewing student progress.

When a process is done, CES provides a single student file capturing the processes, timelines, staff assignments and parental input dates/data, creating reports for management use at the push of a button.  A student profile sheet is also automatically created for the paper files and subsequent easy reference.

CES documents components and providers of the IEP services, and enables the district to use its own curriculum as objectives.  CES also enables the district to continually update group and sub-group between objectives already established, or add to the objectives for easy spiraling of curriculum.  In this the objectives become an active library of curriculum options.

CES records special transportation needs such as lifts, oxygen, pick up and drop off addresses.

CES uses the information entered in the IEP and  tracks Standardized Testing accommodations, modifications, and standardized test scores.